New date: Int. NSU Meeting in Freiamt from June 9-12, 2022


The NSU World 2020 visits Freiamt

Fifty years ago, the NSU Racing-Team Freiamt was founded 40. Int. NSU-Treffen from August 13-16, 2020 Announcement and entry forms available in three languages at Freiamt (ha). Fifty years ago, in 1969, the NSU Racing-Team Freiamt was founded. A number of NSU drivers from the Brettental (part of Freiamt), including Fritz Böcherer, idea provider and Honorary Treasurer, merged into the club. As more and more people interested
in motorsports with other vehicle brands were found, the Motorsport Racing-Team Freiamt e.V. in the ADAC/VFV (MSRT) was founded one year later.

30. Int. NSU-Convention Freiamt 2010

The club has been planning for the 40 th Int. NSU-Treffen from August 13-16, 2020 for a year now. Together with the NSU-Freunde Breisgau, a cooperative club, the MSRT wants to surpass the meeting from 2010. Additionally to the proven concept, which many participants still have in
good memory, as can be heard time and time again, a number of new ideas are added to next year’s program. The spectacle in 2020 will be larger – and maybe the number of participants will increase even further. 508 vehicles from 16 countries participated in 2010 in Freiamt.

Two ideas of many: On Saturday, August 15, 2020, there will be colourful and beautiful fireworks and a lottery with many prizes.
1 st place: NSU Prince 1000, year 1968
2 nd place: NSU Quickly
3 rd place: NSU 1000 motor
more material prizes.
One ticket costs € 5.

The MSRT celebrates its 50-year-anniversary in 2020. The club is completely NSU-infected, having been founded as NSU-Racing-Team Freiamt in 1969, 50 years ago today. A total of 44 NSU Princes were parked in front of the “Ludinmühle” hotel, where the Motorsport Racing-Team Freiamt e.V. was founded on June 13, 1970. According to a recent, non-complete study, our club members own more than 182 NSU vehicles!
Many vehicles are still on the move: at vintage rallies, drives, meetings and, with Dieter Gerber and Andy Reich, very successfully at slaloms and mountain races. On the topic of mountain races: As in 2010, we will hold uniformity races on the mountain racetrack “Tannwald” on Friday, June 5, 2020. A maximum of 80 participants can partake. In the course of the NSU meeting, the yearly meeting of the NSU WANKEL SPIDER CLUB GERMANY and the KONSUL meeting take place.


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